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Monday, 30 April 2012

Hi Everyone , I am going to be starting giving out different tips that will help you to start to organize your life. The first Tip I want to pass to you is this 

Planning is the bases to any organizing, without planning nothing is achieved. I have a number of templates that my clients use to assist in the planning stage. Planning gives you the  framework to action and implement each task so what ever you are trying to organize can be achieved. 

 Pre-planner for Projects
*      What is the name of  project ( what are you organizing )

*      What materials will be needed to complete the project 

*      What will be the time scale 

*      What will be the first stage of this project? 

*      When will the start date be. 

*      What will the next stage be? 

*      Review what you have done so far.

*      Middle stage

*      Review what has been done so far

*      Next stage

Carry on following these steps until you have organized and achieved what you set out to achieve.

Keep looking out for other tips that I am going to give you so you can start to make the changes that will bring organisation to your life. 

Good luck  

Chris, ADHD / Aspergers life skills Coach     


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Evening everyone I have just been sent this by a client, if you are interested in Autism in adults then please click on the link  Let us hope that this is the beginning of other development disorders affecting Adults that will be looked at.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

website feedback

Hi everyone , I was just wondering if any of you out there would help me evaluate my website ADDsuccess by taking a few moments to visit the site:  and give some feedback on

1. The overall look of the site 
2. The content
3. The access 
Email me your answers 

Thank you so much for your time 

Christine McLanachan