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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

 Management tip  4

Dealing with impulsive decision making 

One of the most difficult  ADHD symptoms to deal with is decision making.  This is due to the ADHDer  living  in the moment with very little thought given to the consequences of making that decision. It is important to remember that people with ADHD do not have the internal signals that alert a person to think things through before making any decision. 

It is for this reason that we need  to crate are own alert signals these we call our brakes. The way we get these brakes to work is to start to follow a set of rules that we set up in preparation for the coming impulsive decision. 

1. When it is a decision about going out and spending money you most not say yes within the space of a Minute. The first thing you must say is " I will need to think about that ,  Let me get back to you ,  Then go away and think this through by asking yourself these questions 

  • Do I really want to go out ? 
  • How much is it going to cost me ?
  • Have I got any spare money
  • Is it a working day tomorrow          
Once you have answered these questions , you can then make an informed decision based on fact instead of impulse

2. When something is said to you , that perhaps you do not agree with,  before wading in with comments either with or without anger attached to it . Hold back and put the brakes on your response. Ask yourself 
  • Do I really need to voice my response ?
  • How productive will my response be?
  • Am I prepared for a negative response       .  
Again your decision will be based on fact you can then make the decision to either respond or let it go 
Management tool 3 ( paper filing systems ) 

Techniques around paper organization 

Here are my recommendations around paper organization.

All Paperwork is meanly dealt with by using basic manual lever arch files. 

The first file system we will look at is: Dealing with the post.

When the post arrives you need to prioritize and action it but before opening any mail make sure you are near bin.

1. Junk mail is immediately binned

2. Important letters and bills are put to one side to action or post out.

3. Items for consideration are put to one side; only keep for 1-month then discarded.  

4. Items for filing are put in a  pile and later sorted into their different subject files. It is always good to pick a day that you are going to use as your administration day

using different coloured files will help you identify your files quicker.
What files could you use?

Banking (3 sections)

Section 1 Bank Statements
Section 2 Credit card statements
Section 3 Letter correspondences
Finance (House hold bills& correspondence)

Telephone (land line & Mobile)

Buildings (3 Sections)

Section 1 Mortgage statements
Section 2 Mortgage correspondences
Section 3 Building insurance

Vehicle File (6 Section)

AA membership,
MOT certificates,
Road tax,
Correspondence etc

Employment records, (4 sections)

Pay slips
Inland Revenue details

All these types of files can be used for any type of paper organization. It not only enables you to have all your papers in one place but it also allows you to keep track of it.

Written by Mrs. Christine McLanachan  

Giving people an insight 

Evening all, I am trying to build a page of stories and experiences people have had and would like to share with everyone around issues such as ADHD / Aspergers Syndrome / Self - Development. I am hoping to give people a test of the difficulties faced by people living with these disorders or struggling to overcome some personnel development issues.

I would also like to hear some of the positive aspects that people have discovered either by working through these difficulties or have enhanced your abilities dis-bight having a disorder or Making changes to your life  through self - development .

Many thanks