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Saturday, 24 March 2012

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Hi all just wanted to share something with you , it is my birthday today and I have had a wonderful day, It started with some lovely cards off hubby,son , sister , brother and mother. My sister got me some lovely flowers, my hubby got me a watch to wear when we are walking and a step counter for when we are out or I am walking with our dogs Jack and Dan, my son got me a united clock which I will treasure. To top this day off we spent the whole day walking in Rivington and for the first time I made it up to the pike. Thank you all for making this a brilliant birthday.

I go to thinking whilst I was up at the pike why the country has such a big full for me and other ADHD people I feel that it is the fact that you pit yourself against nature and is a throw back to the times when you had to go out to catch dinner. hinting for meat must of taken great skill. just a thought

Have a great weekend


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