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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Evening everyone.

Here is yet another organization tip for you to try .

  Sample       Job and activities Planner
  High Priority
Medium Priority
Low Priority

Pay Gas bill this week

Phone Friend to arrange a date to meetup

Information for trip next year

Ask boss for time off next week .

Get documents ready for meeting next week

Check that I have got all documents ready for meeting  tomorroew

Use this template to help you priorites any Jobs or activites that you want to do. As you work though the priorites you will find that you will be moving some of the tasks above between the three priorities. Ie something that is in the medium section may now become high priority. I have done a few so you can see what sort of things you would put on the list.
Please let me know if this templete works for you andplease remember to include the activities into your day planner.
Christine McLanachan 

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