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Friday, 7 June 2013

Evening all , I have been working with a young man with social  interaction difficulties who dose not seem to have good observation skills either. His family are convinced that he has not got ADHD I on the other hand can see that he has many of the symptoms. I am always shocked at how many families are steadfast against seeking the truth. They very rarely put the person with the difficulties first . I hear all the time

  • I don't want him to be ladled
  • No one else knows
  • All that needs to happen is they need to grow up 
  • He thinks the world owns him a favour for being hear
  • They can't  have that they are intelligent and they do well at school                                                                                                                                         
When are people going to see that any of the developmental disorders have nothing to do with intelligence, many of the people I work with are quite intelligent but having a condition such as ADHD or Aspergers syndrome will make  daily living difficult , these difficulties stand in the way of a person reaching their full potential. Having ADHD or Aspergers is not the end of the road it is only the beginning. To overcome such difficulties a person needs to re look at how they deal with daily life issues, it is only be dealing with these that a person can develop their skills in order to bring balance to their life and reach full potential

Christine .  

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